Pankaj Tripathi Says People Should Know About Govt Budgets Rather Than Box Office Collections

Bollywood movies are now being released on streaming platforms but earlier, the opening weekend used to be a number’s game. A film was considered successful if it breached the Rs.100 crore mark. Pretty soon, films started entering the exclusive ‘Rs.300 crore club’. Actor Pankaj Tripathi, however, feels this obsession on the part of the audience is unnecessary.

In an interview, he suggested other numbers that people should be worried about, reports Hindustan Times.

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He was quoted saying, “Normal public should be concerned about the health and education budget of their states. They should know about the latest government policies, education, health system and budget of their districts, instead of box office collections.”

He added, “I often get worried wondering why the public gets involved. They won‚Äôt get a share in the profit, is it just because you have a phone and 4G connection? How does it matter what a film earns? Will you get any of it?”

Maybe if we leave the numbers alone we could focus more on the plot, character arcs, and the message the movie is trying to show. Thoughts?

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