From SuperVOOC Flash Charging To Triple Camera, The OPPO R17 Pro Packs Power And Style!

They say the person you think about just before you go to sleep at night is the one you love. In that case, I think I probably love my phone the most! And I’ve observed, it’s not just me, it’s pretty much everyone. And if you, like me, are all about your cellphone, then OPPO’s R17 Pro is about to become your newest fantasy!

From its nature-inspired body design to SuperVOOC flash charging enabled battery, the R17 Pro packs a lot of power and style in its arsenal.

So what is it about this new baby on the block that has made it a talk of the gadget town? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Are you in the habit of charging your phone overnight? Well, that’s about to change! Because the R17 Pro’s charging can power up the phone to 40% in just 10 minutes!

How’s this possible? Say hello to SuperVOOC flash charging technology! It stands for Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging. The Oppo R17 Pro’s 3,700 mAh battery has been divided into two parts of 1,850 mAh each, thus enabling 50W SuperVOOC charging technology.

Not only does it fully charge your phone in the same time but also maintains your phone’s temperature, even if you’re using it while plugged in.

What’s more, it has the prestigious TÜV Accreditation to vouch for the safety and speed of the charging process.

Good riddance to bad charging habits, right?

Nature has always been man’s biggest inspiration. And the R17 Pro’s incredible design theme of ‘Natural Creation’ marries beautiful elements of nature with cutting-edge technology!

The dynamic flowing patterns of light and water have been mirrored in the stunning body of the phone and its 6.4-inch screen.

OPPO has always had an interesting array of colours for their consumers to choose from. With the R17 Pro, it experiments with ‘Magical Gradient’ colours that look alive!

The body design plays beautifully with the concepts of light and colour. The glass surface body of the phone has a special curve and texture, with a layer of condensed light added between it and the colour layer. So when the angle of light changes, the texture allows the light and shadow to change on both the 3D frame and the back panel, showing a varying curve.

Add to that the Radiant Mist, which uses 3D fog glass to give the smartphone body a soft look and feel.

The R17 Pro’s 6.4-inch screen comes with a ‘waterdrop’ screen design, inspired by the shape of a water droplet!

The screen takes up 91.5% of the phone’s front plane. The ‘waterdrop’ houses the front camera, hiding the light and proximity sensors within. As for the earpiece, it is placed between the side frame and glass.

The screen is Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6, which has been proven to survive 15 drops onto rough surfaces from an average of one-meter height!

To enhance the look and feel of the smartphone, there’s a new under-display fingerprint sensor technology called ‘Hidden Fingerprint’.

And finally, the ultimate treat for camera lovers, which it’s safe to say, is practically everyone! The OPPO R17 Pro comes equipped with not single, not double but triple camera!

Damn, got you excited, didn’t I?

OPPO R17 Pro, with its incredible design and revolutionary SuperVOOC flash charging, is a total win-win for consumers! It’s like using a tech of the future!