12 Awkward Situations Every Non-Religious Person Faces In India

There are all kinds of people in the world. Some are well-accepted by others, some not quite. And the kind that is accepted depends on what kind is in the majority. The two specific kinds I am referring to here is the non-religious ones, and the religious ones. The former one is seemingly the minority. And if you are one of the non-religious ones, you are sure to relate to the following listed points.

Note: This article is in no way intended to offend any specific religion, community, caste, or anything of that sort! It is just a light hearted take bringing out the realities of the non-religious in India.:)

1. There are many ways in which you can upset your parents, but not showing interest in evening prayers is the most chappal-worthy of all!

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“You not coming to the temple with me?”
*and a chappal takes off*


2. And to cure you of your disinterest in religions, they drag you to temples

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Because it is a ‘disease’ that only God can remedy.


3. Society always misconstrues you with atheists!

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A victim of society: “What are you doing in Gurdwara, are not you a non-believer of God?”
Me: “Umm, I do believe in enjoying positive vibes, in connecting with myself, and you know in feeling spiritual.”


4. They keep trying to prove you the existence of God in most bizarre of ways

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“You are having to struggle so much because you don’t visit temples enough.”


5. They waste several liters of milk for the sake of pleasing the lord. And your hatred for such customs garners you distasteful comments!

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What is even more shocking is that those who indulge in such customs try their best to justify why it is a good thing to do so. And then, they sit back in their couches, watching the evening news and complaining about how government is doing nothing for the poor in India!


6. And if your surname happens to be ‘Sharma,’ they will instantly take you for a devoted Brahmin who does a lot of pooja and does all things good

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All things good- I try my best. A lot of God-pleasing- Sorry, I am currently learning to please myself.

My surname is like an identity, a family name that I am carrying from birth. It does not define my views or my personality.


7. Not following any religion is one thing, showing interest in some ‘aspect’ of another religion that is originally not tagged as yours, makes you a sinner!

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Can’t I just feel soulful and let the haunting Qawwalis at Nizamuddin Dargah take over all my senses, and not worry about which God to follow?


8. You question the whole fasting system and the mysterious ways it gets you the right husband

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And the society? It judges you for questioning the so-called auspicious custom.


9. Listening to the people of your age, or even younger than you, recite the most lengthy of prayers in one smooth take gets you wondering of the kind of world you have been living in

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It is true that chanting certain mantras gives you positive vibes and makes you feel energized, but not knowing any devotional song or mantra at all does not make you any less of a normal person.


10. Questions like, “Did God ask mankind to make so many temples and then dirty them up,” keep you occupied every time you visit one of these

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11. The term ‘God’ is subjective for you

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It can mean anything ranging from your mom to the one supreme force that you feel guides your actions and the world at large, the supreme force that might as well be you!


12. All-in-all you can’t help but feel amazed at the double standards of the society, wherein media channels who, by the way, are supposed to stay unbiased, telecast shows like “Dharma”…

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…and that show apparently talks about legends and mythological stories relating to only one Dharma (religion).

We all are different, can’t we just leave it at that instead of enforcing the prevalent beliefs on the ones who want to follow their own hearts? Why climb hundreds of steps or roll for miles on the road to please God, when we can invest that amount of time in facing and solving our problems first hand? #JustSaying

But hey! Do whatever pleases your soul. If daily evening prayers is what keeps you motivated and energized, do it. If watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S every evening is what keeps you gay, you watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Just live your life your way, and accept the ones who live differently than you. Because they too have their own way, and they would love to stick to it.

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