12 Genuine Struggles Of Being An Overweight Girl

If I had a penny for every time someone’s called me ‘cute like a teddy bear’ or ‘healthy’, or has said ‘you’ll look really hot if you lost weight’, I’d be a goddamn millionaire. Being overweight/fat is totally okay, except that it’s not because everyone else around you is more bothered about it than you are, and that ends up bothering you. Every day, there’s something or the other waiting to tick off an overweight girl, because, people.

Following are the genuine struggles of being an overweight girl.

1. Let’s start with condescending stares you get from your relatives, especially after they see you after a long time

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They will never shy away from making ‘funny’ statements like, “haha you need to lose weight or no one will marry you.” Yup. That’s totes hilarious.


2. Next come the neighbours who always have free advice to give away

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They’ll list down a bunch of home remedies, and give you contact numbers of all the Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Alopathy, and Anyotherpathy doctors they know. Thanks, aunty.


3. Not to mention words like ‘healthy’, ‘plumpy’, and ‘chubby’, which people use to comment on your size

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They think it’s cute. THINK.


4. Shopping is a herculean task, because nice clothes don’t fit, and plus sized clothes have no variety

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Plus sized stores are even more pissing off than regular stores, because by their logic, fat people don’t like wearing nice things like tank tops and dresses. Nope. All of us like to wear long-sleeved kurtas with flowery prints on them. Score.


5. If you had a penny for every time someone asked you to join gym, aerobics, zumba, dance, etc, you’d be rich

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And then you’d probably think of joining those classes, because they’re hella expensive.


6. You’re made to feel cautious about even your haircuts, because the smallest mistake could ‘make you look more plumpy’

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Want to shave your head? Nope. Can’t do it. It’ll make your body look bigger. Okay then.


7. You try and resist the urge to sass people who tell you what colours are slimming, and which ones make you look fat

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Can you not?


8. From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep, everything around you is a constant reminder of your size

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Models. Actresses. Articles on diets. Articles on weight loss. Articles on exercises. Articles on slimming creams. Ads on slimming machines. Let me live?


9. Make way for some applause-worthy backhanded compliments from people

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“You have such a beautiful face.” “For a fat girl, you dance really gracefully.” “Man, if you lost weight, you’d look so damn hot.” Just no.


10. There are so many moments you have to encounter where people treat you differently because you don’t fall under the ‘normal size’ category

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As if being a woman wasn’t hard enough, right?


11. But, it gives you great strength to know that no superficial quality matches your intelligence, your personality, and your talents

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It’s all about the brains eventually, people.


12. And being the awesome person that you are, you know you’re above it all

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Brb, looking for a fuck to give, carrying my bowl of ice-cream.

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