Mother Catches Daughters Twerking In Their Room, Teaches Them A Lesson With Her Slipper

The internet is the birthplace of fads. It has urged people to plank, snort condoms and eat Tide pods. If you aren’t aware of any of these, consider yourself lucky. However, the good thing about fads is that they’re forgotten with time and rarely remembered in dark alleyways. But one that has survived and is still popular is twerking.

Now, I’m a fan of dressing to attract, flirting and whatever follows after. But I’ve never understood the appeal of sticking out one’s butt and bobbing it till their hips fall off. Turns out, I am not the only one.

In a video that’s being circulated around in the internet is that of two girls in their maximum twerk phase, who’re interrupted by none other than their mom.

The video begins, the girls have set up a camera in their room and are playing a song on full blast. Now while people like us would just listen to the beats, these girls were syncing it with their bums. However, that’s not where the fun starts.

Seconds into the video, a woman, who is probably the girls’ mother, walks in to see them twerking. She takes in the information, processes it, takes out her slipper and thrashes them. This sends the girls screaming hither and thither as the woman alternates her bashing between them.

You can watch the video here:

Netizens who’ve watched the video have come out in support of the mother and lauded her for her immediate reaction:

1. Faster than a speeding bullet.

2. Preach!

3. Same here.

4. Now it’s a global phenomenon.

5. Say that in front of her.

Although I’m not a fan of twerking, I don’t mind if people do it in their own free time. It’s their body, they can do whatever they want. But here’s a little suggestion. If you’ve a conservative parent who isn’t a fan and you’re twerking in their vicinity, if there’s a door, try locking it.