Someone Just Explained How ‘Men Love More Deeply Than Women’, But Twitter Is Divided


“Pyaar dosti hai.” This iconic dialogue from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ has always been my mantra for love. And, while I truly believe friendship is an integral part of any romantic relationship, many people have their own definitions for ‘love’. For some love might mean loyalty and commitment, and for others, it might be something as simple as an attraction.

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Speaking of which, I recently came across an intriguing tweet that explained why men love more deeply than women. Wait, what??! The last time my guy did something romantic to express his love for me was, wait…NEVER! On the flip side, I wrote a lovey-dovey shayari for him and he responded with a ‘hmm’.😠

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Anyway, twitter user @ItsYourEX__ made some very compelling points in the favor of men being better at love. 

The thread first explains how men approach love:

Romance is not love?!

This is really deep!

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The thread further elaborates on how it’s important to build a foundation for true love.

Love is love!

Ladies, do you agree?

Many people lauded the person for their insight, while others shared their own opinions.

Well, I still think women love more profusely than men do. How about you? Tell us!

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