Watch: In A Ridiculous Stunt, Men On Bikes Chase A Lion And Lioness In Gir Forest, Gujarat

You know how they say, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”?

If you’ve watched the above video of a few ‘daredevil’ folks chasing after a lion and a lioness on bikes, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat is home to Asiatic lions and, mind you, one of the most protected sanctuaries in Asia. But in spite of  all the security, videos have surfaced of men on bikes chasing down lions for fun.

In the video, you can hear a man, speaking in Gujarati, egging on the driver to keep chasing after the animal.

“…Keep going Keep going. We’ve got this chance after so much difficulty…”

At one point, the lion disappears into the thick woods that line both sides of the road and only then do these ‘beasts’ stop chasing the poor animal.

A remark is exchanged about how if the lion were to ever come back out, everyone would shit their pants. But the ‘stud’ who was doing the encouraging before, has one last bold claim to make:

“Okay now that’s it. If I got such a chance, I would’ve made him sit down here itself.”

The second half of the video is shot in broad daylight and you can clearly see at least four people mounted on two bikes, chasing after a lion and a lioness.

The police have arrested three people in connection with this incident.

There has not been much information about why these people felt the need to indulge in such ridiculous stunt of chasing a lion.

However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this not only endangers their own lives, which they seem to have very little concern for, as well as harms an endangered species of lions that is supposed to be well protected. Let’s not even get started on the cruelty to animals argument.

Here’s hoping these culprits are taught a lesson that’ll ensure people leave these animals in peace.

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