Man Tries To Convince That ‘Milk Coke’ Actually Exists, Internet Says, “Call The Police”

Lately, unlike most other times, the news that is taking the internet by storm is of no cute animal or bizarre human but a ‘beverage’! A comedian took to Twitter to introduce a new beverage called ‘brown milk’ to the world and ever since everyone is going nuts. A few out of the most bizarre coke combo drinks I’ve ever heard of is beer coke or Fanta coke. But this one certainly takes the cake as well as my intestines!

Comedy writer James Felton tried Birmingham’s traditional drink which is a combo of ‘milk and coke’. He shared some pictures on Twitter which show him gulping up the weird combo drink. Hence, he proved that ‘milk coke’ is real and one of the most loved drinks of the Brummies.

The internet, however, freaked out as it could not digest the fact. After all, who mixes coke with milk? While some wanted to call cops on James for even suggesting such an eerie drink, a few others actually liked the idea and gave it a shot.

Look what the Netizens have to say about ‘brown milk’:

In case your taste buds are up for some adventure today, here’s how you can prepare a perfect milk coke combo:

Well, the words coming from the horse’s mouth itself state that ‘the best mixture is one third milk to two thirds coke,’ reports “You have to pour the milk in first otherwise it’ll curdle,” he added. “You’ve got about 10 minutes to drink it once you’ve made it, before it separates.”

Bon Appetite!