Man Threatens To Open Safety Harness Of Cable Car To Discipline Wife For Pestering Him

Casual sexism and harassment are so common in our society that most of us fail to see them as dangerous and threatening. Especially when it comes to a married couple, we look the other way despite spotting problematic behavior because “it’s their personal matter”.

However, people have been calling out this husband after he threatened his wife in a bid to discipline her. According to India Today, a video was shared by a Twitter account named Pakistan Tourism where the husband threatens to open the safety harness while riding a cable car.

He threatened to do so in a bid to stop his wife from pestering him. The wife even touches his feet and begs him not to scare her all the while apologizing. While this might seem fun and games, the “revenge” that the man was plotting was dangerous, to say the least. There are various other ways to stop a partner from annoying you. Trying to open the safety harness while riding on a cable car at a considerable height is not one of them.

Have a look at the video here:

Several people online slammed the husband for his behavior, saying that such acts are not funny at all and are in extremely poor taste. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

What are your opinions on this incident?

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