Mahira Finally Spoke About Her Viral Pics With Ranbir And Gave A Perfect Reply To Trolls!

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani actress who made her Bollywood debut with the Shahrukh Khan-starrer ‘Raees’ but as news in Bollywood travels, you are remembered by your controversies, rather than your work and this is what happened to her.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Mahira Khan garnered uninvited attention from the media and the public as well after she was spotted smoking with Ranbir Kapoor, and was sensationalised over a trivial hang-out.

But, that’s not all. Shortly after the picture went viral people started shaming her for smoking on grounds of religion and of course, because she is a girl. Many celebrities came out in support of Mahira including Ali Zafar and even Ranbir Kapoor himself.

However, Mahira Khan chose a staunch silence while the controversy raged on until recently when she broke her silence during the trailer launch of her film.

As reported by Indian Express she said,

“I am a very careful person otherwise. People ask me that I do not do this in films (probably smoking), I say I do not want to. Why should I do anything to show the world?”

She also strongly asserted that it was a personal matter and that it has served as a learning experience for her.

She put forward a great point regarding the controversy which would probably open the eyes of people trying to sensationalise a trivial thing and added,

“It is my personal life and it is very normal for a boy and girl to hang out. Nowadays, media is not only present at events but everywhere. So, I have learnt from it (the incident).”

Mahira Khan has hit the nail right on the head and given a fitting reply to all those who dared to shame her for living her life on her terms, and truly deserves appreciation for not shying away from expressing herself.

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