Ali Zafar Writes To Mahira Khan After Media Sensationalised Her Pics Of Smoking With Ranbir

Ali Zafar has swayed and swooned us all with his melodious voice. Be it his baritone or the way he hums ‘Tu Hi Hai’, Ali has broken barriers with his expressions and more times than I care to admit. Not to forget his boyish charms which have won him more than just fan-following.


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But today, we are not here for that. Allow me to tell you for what…

If you even have been a little attentive, you’d have seen pictures of a nonchalant Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor smoking, plastered all over the internet.

Is it an intrusion of privacy? Of course, it is but that is just the way showbiz works.

Needless to say, after the picture surfaced online, several insinuations were made about Mahira, Ranbir and their alleged relationship. While the internet assumed the worst, the rest of the world got down to dirty limericks and I know for a fact that the buzz has just begun.

Now, amidst all the character assassination, Ali Zafar has penned down a thoughtful letter to Mahira and his words speak volumes about the man he is. 

“What has happened to us?Have we lost all sense of sensibility?

Must we choose gossip, intrigue and the self-appointed right of judgement over restrained, grace, tolerance and compassion?

Every woman has the right to make her own choices in life (as long she’s not hurting anyone else), just like we men do.

How we react defines our own character. Choose wisely, for we SHALL be judged!”


It goes without a say, that Ali with his humble tweet, has managed to lend a hand of support to fellow-artist, Mahira and that accounts for a lot. While Mahira hasn’t found the time to reply to his kind gesture, we are sure she feels elated to spot a man, a friend who is far from stereotypes and double standards of the society.

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