UP: Loco Pilot Leaves Train & Abandons Passengers Midway As His Work Hours Got Over

Usually, when office hours get over, we corporate and government simpletons log out and head straight back home or anywhere else to chill. But have you ever thought about what pilots and loco pilots would do if they were in the middle of their journeys and their work hours got over? Well, one bizarre incident happened that would answer this question.

According to Moneycontrol, in Uttar Pradesh, a loco pilot driving the Barauni-Lucknow Express (train number 15203) abandoned the train along with the passengers midway because his work hours got over.

Representational image

The loco pilot abandoned the train at Burhwal railway station in Barabanki at 4 PM and the passengers were left stranded for hours after he just wouldn’t go any further. Even though the passengers requested for another loco pilot, the officials of the North Eastern Railway (NER) could not arrange for one immediately. After hours of waiting, the passengers staged a protest.

“Upon reaching Burhwal station, the loco pilot of Train Number 15203 expressed discomfort with proceeding further. In consideration of ensuring safe and secure train operations, arrangements were promptly made for another loco pilot to take over, allowing the train to continue its journey to Lucknow in a safe and secure manner,” the North Eastern Railway claimed in a statement.

Imagine the kind of distress the passengers had to go through!

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