A Landslide Occurred In Kullu Manali And The Footage Is Scarier Than A Hollywood Movie

Nature is where it all begins and ends. The genesis and the destruction, everything is controlled by nature and this video clearly shows how deadly it can be sometimes.

A landslide occurred on National Highway No. 21 in Kullu Manali which blocked the way to Manali. The incident happened this morning and trapped a number of passengers who were unable to move due to continuous and recurring landslides. A lot of people were on their way when almost half the mountain fell on the road and then into the river. Luckily, nobody was harmed as people parked their vehicles away.

This video uploaded by First Travel was recorded by one of the tourists who witnessed the landslide. The footage will give you goosebumps.

Reminds me of the quote by Mehmet Murat ildan, “The power of nature can make fun of the power of man at any time!”

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