Kim Kardashian Gives A Tour Of Her Walk-In Fridge & People Compare It To A Supermarket


Whether it is Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Hermès Birkin handbag or Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rolex GMT-Master Ice watch, the lifestyle of the rich and famous often leaves us feeling broke and poor. But looking at Kim Kardashian West’s refrigerator is making us wish we were a vegetable. Confused? Read on to find out why.

According to Metro UK, Kim recently shared a video of her family’s many pantries (yes, plural), drinks freezer, and walk-in fridge on Instagram stories. Check it out.

CNBC reports that the founder of KKW Beauty and Skims started off by showing everyone her first pantry that had glass jars filled with sprinkles, nuts, cereals, and a personal frozen yogurt machine. Then came the drinks fridge with water, ginger ale, fresh juices, and milk.

Next was her walk-in fridge with organic fruits, vegetables, condiments like ketchup, jams, and mayonnaise. But that’s not all, she concluded the tour by revealing a second pantry with dry staples and another freezer for frozen items.

Soon, people began comparing her pantry to a supermarket and rued the fact that her kitchen + refrigerator was probably bigger than their apartments.

While we’re still saving money to buy an apartment with a walk-in closet, the veggies in Kim’s kitchen have a bigger home than we do.

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