Kerala Man Abandons 3 YO Dog Because She Had ‘Illicit Relationship’ With Another Dog

It is true that one never really knows what it’s like having a dog until one has one. Bringing home a dog is no less than bringing home a baby. In fact, it is more difficult. While humans grow up to become independent beings, dogs need attention and caring like that of a baby their entire lives.

Hence, there’s a common problem of dogs being abandoned after the owners realise that they aren’t willing to take on additional responsibility. However, one man from Kerala abandoned his dog for a completely bizarre reason.

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According to sources, a 3-year-old white Pomeranian was found abandoned outside the World Market in Chackai, Thiruvananthapuram. The dog was rescued by a ‘People For Animals’ volunteer named Shameem Faruque who was shocked to find a note tucked in the dog’s collar.

A rough translation of the note reads:

“It is a very good dog. Good habits. Do not need a lot of food. No illnesses. She’s given a bath every five days. She only barks – in three years, she has not bitten anyone. She has mostly fed milk, biscuits and eggs.”

The note went on to justify why the dog was abandoned:

“Now we have abandoned her because she was found to have an illicit relationship with a dog in the neighbourhood.”

“The dog is in heat. And that’s what dogs do when they are in heat – they mate. If the weird owner didn’t want the dog to breed, there is sterilisation. But if they wanted her to be a ‘virgin’, they would have to lock her up in a room”, said Shameem.

Sreedevi S Karta, an animal right’s activist, took to Facebook to post a picture of the note and give her own piece of mind over the issue. A rough translation of the post reads:

“I feel very anxious about the children in the family of the person who wrote this note. The person, who has spurned the natural behaviour of a humble dog as adultery appears to be a moral fanatic. What would be the fate of his children If they ever dare to have an affair with anyone; he will even endanger their lives. Hey, if you find any legal relationship between dogs, come…we can solve your ‘illicit relationship issue’ by arranging a marriage for your dog after horoscope-matching and making a settlement on dowry. Thus, you can get some peace of mind.”

Posted by Sreedevi S Kartha on Sunday, July 21, 2019

The dog is currently living with Shameem who has set up a little kennel for her. She hopes to find a loving family to adopt the dog soon.

“There is a really hopeful look on her face, expecting that her owner would come to pick her up”, she said.

Imposing human morale onto animals and abandoning them for their natural instincts is absolutely unacceptable!

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