Indore Man Undergoes Sex-Change Operation To Marry His Boyfriend, Gets Dumped

A 28-year-old man from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, met a guy named Vaibhav Shukla on Instagram in 2021. They were in a relationship but Shukla only wanted to get married to him if he underwent a sex-change operation. The man was hesitant because sex-change operations are very costly.

According to Moneycontrol, the man underwent the surgery but after he did, Shukla refused to marry him and even allegedly subjected him to “unnatural acts”.

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“I underwent gender reassignment surgery as per Shukla’s request, believing in his commitment to marry me. However, he not only reneged on his promise but also subjected me to unnatural acts. I spent a significant amount on the surgery, and now I’m left in despair. I urge the authorities to take strict action against Shukla,” the victim said.

A complaint has been filed against Vaibhav Shukla at Vijay Nagar police station. The police revealed that the victim had threatened Shukla with “dire consequences” if he didn’t marry him.

“The accused allegedly engaged in unnatural acts with the victim. A case has been registered against Vaibhav Shukla under IPC Section 377 (unnatural sex), and 506 (criminal intimidation). We are further looking into the case,” the police revealed.

What a bummer!

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