Imran Khan’s Estranged Wife Avantika Shares Message On ‘Healing’ The Right Way

More then a decade back, Imran Khan and Avantika Malik were the ‘It’ couple. Their love story was something teenagers used to dream of having – fall in love at a very young age, stick together for several years, and ultimately get married. But soon, it was reported that the fairytale came to an end and the two had parted ways.

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Even though the couple isn’t officially divorced yet, they live separately. While Imran hasn’t been much active on social media since the past few years, Avantika Malik keeps on dropping cryptic posts that hint at the situation of their relationship. For example, recently she shared a post on “healing” the “right way”, reports Hindustan Times.

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“I am healing,” she wrote.

The post read, “Sit with it. Instead of drinking it away, smoking it away, sleeping it away, eating it away, f**king it away, running from it. Sit with it. Healing happens by feeling.”

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Earlier, Avantika has shared a story on abandonment and how to love yourself despite another person inability to give love, which was sent to her by a friend. According to Hindustan Times, the post read:

“I hope you give yourself permission to believe that you are not defined by a person’s inability to love you, or by a person’s inability to choose you. I hope you do not abandon who you are even though they did. I hope you do not neglect or question yourself even though they did. I hope you remember to love yourself better than they could, I hope you learn how to give yourself that kind of strength.”

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Like 500 Days of Summer rightly said, “Sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.”

We hope Avantika Malik heals from all that she is going through!

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