World’s Most Identical Twins Reveal They Both Want To Marry Their Shared Boyfriend

Sisters dubbed as world’s most identical twins, Anna and Lucy have reportedly splashed out nearly $250,000 to make themselves look like carbon copies of each other. The twins are quite popular around the world for being mirror images of each other. Fashion and beauty bloggers by profession, the sisters have come upon the world television to seek a solution for the dilemma of their life.

Apart from sharing similar sets of outfits, makeup, and Instagram page, the twins also share their lover.

On a popular Australian talk show called Hughesy, the ladies revealed that they have been sharing the same boyfriend for six years now. The twins also expressed their wish to marry him soon. But as the Australian laws go, polygamy is considered as a criminal offense. Hence, the sisters reached out to host Dave Hughes, who attempts to solve the problems of the viewers and guests on his talk show.

In a sneak peek video clip from their stint on the show, the twins said, “We share a unique problem. WE WANT TO MARRY THE SAME MAN.”

The host and guest laughed their butts out and tried to find a solution to the sisters’ unusual plight.

The sisters have shared several pictures with their would be common husband on Instagram:

We will have to wait and watch what other surprising revelations these twins have in store for us as the episode will air in the New year. Can you suggest a way out for these sisters? Do tell us in the comments below.

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