Himachal Bride Calls Off Wedding & Sends Baraat Away After Groom’s Family Demands Dowry

You would be surprised by how shamelessly educated people from seemingly “well-to-do” families don’t flinch from demanding dowry from the bride’s family. And it’s not just a rural India problem. Despite dowry being illegal and a punishable offence in the country, the families of well-settled grooms ask for hefty amounts of cash, cars, bikes, and gold jewellery from the bride’s side.

Oftentimes, they pop up demands at a time into the wedding preparations when the bride can’t even say no as it becomes a matter of their dignity and reputation.

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However, a brave woman from Himachal Pradesh’s Una district called off the wedding when the baraat was at her doorstep and demanded dowry.

People had gathered to welcome the groom in full swing and guests were ready to join the feast. The moment she got to know that the groom’s family was demanding dowry, she cancelled the wedding and asked the baraat to return.

According to Hindustan Times, the groom’s family demanded a car, a large amount of money, and gold jewellery. The brother of the bride has lodged a complaint at the Bangana Police Station and an investigation is underway.

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What’s even more shocking is that the groom is settled abroad. Way before the wedding, when he had come for the ‘chunni’ ceremony, he didn’t mention anything about dowry. Even when the bride’s family went to the groom’s house for another ritual, they didn’t bring up the topic.

How vicious some people can be! Kudos to the bride for calling off the wedding.

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