Guy Sends Flowers To GF, Pretends To Be HR Associate So Her Dad Doesn’t Catch Him

Our generation comes from a time when communication meant landlines, SMSs and letters. If we wanted to talk to our boyfriends and girlfriends, we would do so secretly – calling them from the landline when no one was at home, sending them texts late into the night and slipping notes into their pockets when no one looked. After all, it would be a nightmare if we got caught or worse, if our boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents caught us!

To dodge such a situation, especially getting caught by the girl’s dad, one guy sent his girlfriend some flowers along with a note pretending to be an HR associate from her workplace! The note read, “Dear Bhavya Soni, congratulations on joining Accenture! From: HR Associate, Accenture Strategy.”

This was shared by the girl mentioned above, Bhavya, who wrote, “My boyfriend sent me flowers at home and dodged my dad by pretending they’re from an HR associate.”

Here’s a look at her post:

Responding to this post, several people highlighted that if a person wants to make efforts, they will make efforts irrespective of the possible risks! Here’s a look at some of the responses:

People who are dating, are you taking notes?

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