Guy Relies On Google Maps For Directions To Karnataka, Ends Up Stuck In Flight Of Stairs

Google Maps has become one of those apps on which many of us tend to rely on a daily basis. Gone are the days when we would remember the names of each street, where they were located, and the exact way to reach them within a given time frame. Nowadays, people with their personal modes of transport use Google Maps to go from one place to another. And this reliance is so heavy that people cease to use their own brains sometimes.

Speaking of which, a man was travelling to Karnataka from Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, where he and his friends were staying over the weekend. As usual, they relied on Google Maps for directions and chose the ‘fastest route’ back home. However, they ended up in an uncertain position atop a flight of stairs!

Here’s what happened.

According to a report by Business Today, Gudalur is positioned at the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka and is frequented by several tourists travelling to Ooty. Google Maps directed the group through Police Quarters and the vehicle eventually ended up in a residential locality on a steep flight of stairs. Why the group decided to go down the flight of stairs in the first place is a question we need to ask ourselves.

However, they reached out for help and residents and the police came together to aid them in this tricky situation. They assisted the group in manoeuvring the SUV back to the main road and the group eventually was on the road to Karnataka.

Here’s a look at a video capturing the hilarious incident:

This is proof that not everything can be left up to Google Maps! 😛

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