The Traffic Jam In Bengaluru Is So Bad That One Guy Ordered Pizza While Being Stuck

Legend has it that once a person gets stuck in a traffic jam in Bengaluru, they can feel their hair greying, skin wrinkling and their body degenerating. Once they exit the vehicle after being stuck in the traffic, they look in the mirror and see that they have aged 50 years. It’s just how it is.


Don’t believe me? Well, one guy was stuck in a traffic jam in Bengaluru recently and he and the people with him got so hungry that they ordered pizza online. By the time the pizza arrived, they were still stuck in traffic. The guy took to social media to share a video.

When we decided to order from Dominos during the Bangalore choke. They were kind enough to track our live location (a few metres away from our random location added in the traffic) and deliver to us in the traffic jam,” he wrote.

Have a look at the video here:

A lot of people were left amazed by this. While some suggested booking a massage (which makes sense because your back would die in such a situation), others lauded the delivery guys for their service. Here’s how some of them reacted:

You can be a regular person when you get stuck in such a traffic situation but once you get to your destination, you’ll have completed a PhD, gained 10 more kilos and lost all your hair.

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