Spoiler Alert! GOT Fans Point Out A Major Detail In What Melisandre Told Arya

Disclaimer: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t scroll further!

So that was one hell of an episode! I have been waiting for a week, with Jenny’s song playing in my mind on loop, in anticipation of what’s going to happen in the Battle of Winterfell. And thank god, we weren’t disappointed!

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 was NOTHING like what we had expected. It’s like the creators had taken every theory made by GOT enthusiasts, crumble it into a paper ball, and throw it in the bin, and write a narrative that can never be imagined by anyone else.

Now, can we please take a moment to celebrate ARYA STARK?! Was she the real ‘Kingslayer’ and the “Protector of the realm’ or what!

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However, right before she blew the Night King into shards of ice, Arya had a moment with Melisandre, recollecting a conversation they once had.

Just to jolt up your memories, Melisandre and Arya had met way back in season 3 Episode 6 and they had a pretty (then) confusing chat where the red woman told her that she’d be killing many people.

So basically, Melisandre had dropped a MAJOR hint back in season 3 that Arya will be the one who kills the Night King! Why didn’t we see this before?!

But again, turns out Melisandre didn’t just hint at the Night King with the “blue eyes”. Fans have taken on social media to point out that she had also hinted at Walder Frey’s and Meryn Trant’s death, the ones with the “brown eyes”.

And now, the one with the “green eyes” is left for her to kill. Any guesses who that might be?



Arya might just be coming for Cersei, and there’s proof!

In book 1 of the entire A Song Of Ice And Fire series, right before Ned Stark had to kill Sansa’s direwolf ‘Lady’, there’s a particular description of Cersei’s eyes.

Seems like Cersei is gonna get killed soon, guys!


But hold on there for a second.

Do you know who else has green eyes besides Cersei? It’s Dany!

If Daenerys ultimately does turn into the ‘Mad Queen’, someone will have to kill her. And who’s a better assassin than Arya?

Can’t wait to see how this pans out!

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