“My Fortune Won’t Be Going To My Children,” Come Parenting, Gordon Ramsay Is A Tough Nut.

If there is a celebrity who doesn’t give two fucks about putting his words out, it is none other than Gordon Ramsay. The celebrity chef, who is known for his sarcastic wisecracks on his TV show and brutally roasts people for their food on Twitter minces no words during interviews as well.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Gordon has revealed a lot on his parenting ways, which is as strict and tough as the way he leads his kitchens. As a self-made man, he makes sure that his kids don’t get spoiled by the fame and money.

Speaking about his priorities, Ramsay said that he has not entered the profession for money and he makes sure that his children get this point too.

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“I’ve never been really turned on about the money. That’s not my number one objective, and that’s reflected in the way the kids are brought up.”

Ramsay has four children namely, Matilda (15), Jack and Holly (17), and Megan (18). While Matilda has her own cookery show, none of the other kids are interested in their father’s profession.


Speaking of how strict he is with his kids when it comes to parenthood, Ramsay tells how his kids have dined at his fancy restaurant only once!

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“Last time we went to Royal Hospital Road (Ramsay’s three-Michelin-starred flagship restaurant in Chelsea) was for Megan’s 16th birthday, and that was the first time we’ve ever eaten there with the kids. They have served the Chelsea pensioners there for Christmas lunch, but not eaten there.”


To make sure his kids don’t feel entitled, he doesn’t even allow them to fly first-class with him and his wife, Tana Ramsay.

“I turn left with Tana and they turn right and I say to the chief stewardess, ‘Make sure those little fucks don’t come anywhere near us, I want to sleep on this plane’. I worked my fucking arse off to sit that close to the pilot and you appreciate it more when you’ve grafted for it.”


While he is a millionaire and a well-renowned chef all over the world, his kids get no privilege of just being born to Gordon Ramsay.

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“Meg’s at uni and has a budget of £100 a week; the others get about £50 a week and they have to pay for their own phones, their bus fare.”


He is teaching his kids to be self-reliant and has made sure that they do not get anything out of his wealth.

“It’s definitely not going to them, and that’s not in a mean way; it’s to not spoil them. The only thing I’ve agreed with Tana is they get a 25% deposit on a flat, but not the whole flat.”

Parenting done right?

News Source: The Telegraph

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