22-YO Software Engineer At Google Plans To Retire By 35 With ₹41 Crore In His Bank Account

Most individuals have career trajectories that follow a conventional path – get a job, save money every month, buy a car, rent a house, invest in FDs, etc. But some individuals have the audacity to carve a different path for themselves.

Meet Ethan Nguonly, a 22-year-old software engineer working for Google who has the vision to retire by age 35 with a whopping amount of Rs 41 crore in his bank account.

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According to the Economic Times, Ethan completed his undergrad degree in computer science from the University of California. He finished his course within 2 years to avoid student debt. He secured a job at a software company named Qualtrics and simultaneously pursued his Master’s degree in Information and Data Science. In December 2021, he joined Google.

However, at a very young age, Ethan’s parents taught him the importance of investing his money in stocks rather than allowing it to sit in his bank account as savings.

“This really exposed me to the idea that my investments could make me money instead of me actually having to actively work for it,” he said.

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At Google, he earns approximately 200,000 USD a year i.e. Rs 1.60 crore. He plans to invest his earnings and save Rs 41 crore (5 million USD) by the time he is 35 and retire for good.

Ethan likes to travel so every year, he takes 3-4 vacations. He saves a lot of expenses from food because Google provides free breakfast and lunch at least 3 days a week.

Such is the power of financial literacy!

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