6-YO Girl Calls Out Sexism In Her Book, Asks Why ‘Man-Made’ & Not ‘Human Made’

Children are super curious tiny humans whose innocent questions can often stump even the smartest of adults. Which is probably why when six-year-old Teresa Manimala was reading a book before bedtime and encountered the phrase ‘man-made’ she asked her mom why is it not ‘people made’ or ‘human made’. She also objected to the sentence ‘all men are created equal’ saying it should be ‘all people’.

“Aren’t women allowed to build?… Then why don’t they say human-made? It’s not nice, right?”

The Hindu quoted her mother, Sonia John (a US-based data analyst) saying, “I recorded her asking me these questions while she was reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln that was meant for children.”

She added, “I am not surprised that she asked these questions and I am happy that she has begun asking these questions. I hope she has that same attitude when she grows up.”

People lauded the little girl for her clarity of thought and quickly discerning the inherent gender disparity of the words in the book. Many vowed to pay more attention while using such words in the future.

This video is a great reminder for us to always maintain our childlike curiosity and keep on asking questions.

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