Twitter Slams ‘Careless’ Girl Dangerously Walking On Ledge Of A Skyscraper In Undated Video

Children are often curious and mischievous, but very accident-prone too. We have seen instances of building residents heroically saving kids if they fall from a higher floor, for instance when a 3-year old baby miraculously survived a fall from a building’s sixth floor.

As per a report in TOI, a video is being shared on social media which shows a girl dangerously walking on the outer ledge of a high-rise building. While the time and location of the video are currently unverified, Twitter has raised its voice in response to the chilling incident. Check it out:-

The people making this video can be heard remarking, “She’s doing this for the third time.” Although the girl is reportedly safe, whether a complaint has been issued against the parents or not is yet to be known.

There is no exact confirmation as to what the girl was trying to do, but some Twitter users have called this to be a part of a ‘dare challenge’ happening amongst children. Through this video, parents are being asked to stay alert regarding the whereabouts of their kids. Check out some of the reactions:-

Acts like these are completely careless and dangerous. We hope that people exercise extra caution when it comes to kids.

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