12 Things You Go Through When You Have A Super Skinny Friend


Friends come in all shapes and sizes along with a heavy bag full of moods and weird habits. Some eat too much; some hardly eat. Some never gain weight and some never lose weight. Some have problems fitting in their clothes and some don’t find clothes of their size.  In whatever size that they come, they absolutely make your life worth living.

Do you have a friend who’s super skinny? Then you will definitely relate to this:

1. They eat and eat a lot. While you just stare at your plate and your size

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Irony is their food is never visible on their body. *Metabolism you bitch*


2. You go to the gym to lose weight while they go to gain weight

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And you go like whaattt? Gym to gain weight? Look at me I breathe the air and I gain weight. 🙁


3. Shopping with them means: Shop first then search for a tailor to alter the new clothes

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Coz even S and XS is like XL for them!


4. Exchanging clothes with them is just not an option

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 Their clothes are too small for you and yours are too big for them. One floats while the other bloats!


5. You often say, ‘Hawa ka jhoka aayega aur tumhe uda ke leke jayega’, to annoy them

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6. When they ride a double seat with you, you’re always worried and wonder if they can take your weight

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 Dude I am heavy, are you sure you will balance?


7. You both are sad when you check your weights. You always gain some and they never gain any

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you wonder if there was any way to exchange your weight issues.


8. In crowded areas, you’re always concerned about their safety

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 Because people can easily push their fragile figure and knock them down. Worst part, no one will ever notice!


9. While clicking pictures usually they stand ahead and you stand behind in a particular angle to look lil thin

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 They happily try to cover you in every picture 😛


10. While traveling if they sit on your lap it is cool only for a while because their bones soon start to poke real bad

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 And you go like, “You’re not heavy, but your bones, they hurt”. 🙁


11. While giving birthday bumps, you are ever ready to pick them up

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 And that’s a hard hit on their poky bums. *Ouch*


12. Hugging them is super fun coz they easily fit in your hug

 12th hug tight

And you always go like, “you’re so tiny and I can crush you in my arms”.

Skinny friends teach you quite literally the real meaning of, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side”.

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