25 Signs That Prove You Are Madly Falling In Love

What is love, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more. Is this song playing in your mind? How about Te Amo? This one? The whole point is are you humming romantic songs all the time these days? Confused why? It’s simple you’re in LOVE!

Here are the signs that will clear your confusion.

1. That person is on your mind 24 x 7

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2.You always wonder whether it’s the right time to text them

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*Picks up phone* *Keeps it away*


3. Every time your phone rings you skip a beat, because you expect a call from them

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4. Your day is incomplete if you don’t talk to them

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5. You come up with innovative reasons to talk to them daily

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Immediately regret. What was I thinking before saying that?


6. You save all your firsts that you had with them

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First movie ticket, first date bill etc., they are memories


7. You dream of a future with them

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8. A glance at them and your heart skips a beat

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9. You’re simply happy in life

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10. Mentally make a note of all the things they like

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11. Look out for gifts online

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Will they like this? Or that? Okay I need help!


12. Their interest becomes your interest

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You like star wars? Now I like it too *Wonders what is star wars*


13. You dress up in your best attire every time you’re going to meet them

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14. You talk about them all the time

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15. One look at them and you go like woah! he/she is so cute

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16. You search for signs that may prove that they love you back

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17. You don’t stop thinking about them even when you are caught up with shit load of work

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18. Mentally you have already decided the name of your kids

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19. You never miss a single opportunity to meet or see them

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20. You get excited and start jumping at the mere mention of their name

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21. When they hug you for the first time, you’re startled and confused

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Shit why didn’t I hug him/her back nicely


22. You check yourself out in the mirror

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Will they like me like that?


23. You want to look good all the time

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You never know when you might just run into them.


24. Fact that you’re expecting a statement like ‘While you’re reading this that person is totally on your mind’, proves

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25. Fact that you’re reading this article makes it clear 😀

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Ready to make some confessions?

Don’t hold yourself back, it’s pretty to fall in love. Don’t search for logic, emotions have no justifications and theories. Just feel what you want to feel and express what you feel. It’s one small life that we have, you shouldn’t be late 🙂