9 Awesome Scientific Excuses You Can Give For Being Lazy

Laziness is evil, right?


According to the scientific evidence we are slowly acknowledging that laziness can be of help in day-to-day activities. Not in all walks of life, because a lazy person can never be a sportsman right?


There are many sportsmen out there too who are lazy. That’s why you have never heard of them.

But laziness is not detrimental in every case. It can be played to your strength if you use this precious resource well. And here are the excuses to be lazy in life –

1. For some of us, it is in our genes. We just cannot help it!

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Have you always fought against laziness and lost? That may be because laziness is in your genes. In such people, there is a mutation in a gene that controls the proteins for the dopamine receptors in your brain. Dopamine is linked to physical activity and hence a mutation in this gene could be making you lazier.

The good news – scientists are working on a pill that you can pop and become NOT lazy!

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2. You can be lazy because the second mouse always gets the cheese

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Ever observed what happens when a teacher asks the class a very difficult question?

The first guy to answer may or may not get the right answer. But because he is a risk taker, he will obviously go for it anyway. Many times he will give the right answer, and many times he fails. But hey, he is the smart one, right?


It is the other lazy guy who has solved the problem too but he waits in the shadows for the enthusiastic guy to give his answer. If the enthu guy fails, the lazy guy knows what the wrong answer is and will hence give the right answer.

This way the chances lazy guy always gives the right answer is 100%.

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3. Human evolution has always supported laziness

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Back when we were cavemen, overenthusiasm could kill us. If we had evolved to be extremely active it could have killed us.

In that way, we evolved to be lazy. Our ancestors had to carefully conserve energy before the next meal came along. So the next time you feel lazy you can blame your caveman ancestors.

But in all fairness, we evolved to be physically active too.

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4. Laziness leads to creativity and deep thought about your future

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When you laze around a part of your brain called the Default Mode Network is activated. The brain takes a break from conscious thought and relaxes into daydreaming and creativity.

This part of your brain also gives you motivation and intention to do well in your future.

So, yeah, laziness may actually be good for your future.

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5. With laziness, you apparently can become an awesome computer programmer

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Larry Wall, the inventor of Perl programming language rates Laziness as the highest attribute a computer programmer needs to be successful.

That’s because lazy people always find innovative ways to make programs much more efficient by being lazy and not writing millions of lines of codes when they can reduce that to thousands of lines of efficient codes.

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6. Bill Gates will hire you

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True story.


7. Everyone is lazy, even if they say they aren’t

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People are efficient liars. Take for example a guy who brags about reading a ton of books every year. There is a 60% chance he is lying his pants off.

Take the guy who has shared a measly 1000 word listicle to your page, there is a good chance he has not read the whole thing at all.

People lie about their activeness all the time. Truth is, they are just as lazy as you are.

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8. Laziness promotes progress and invention

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Take a look at every household gadget in your cozy home. The vacuum cleaner, the washing machine – every gadget is just built with the motive of making our lives more comfortable. It is like we want to be lazy by creating these gadgets.

If you want to be ultra active, why don’t you run to your office and back every day instead of going on your bike? Laziness in history has always meant progress. We are all finding efficient ways to lessen as much activity as we can.

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9. And turns out laziness is not exactly a thing either – it is a myth

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Laziness is not a medical condition. It is not listed anywhere in a doctor’s handbook anywhere. It is a tag we humans give to other humans, and hence, it is not real at all.

Laziness is a myth!

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There you go, now you can go ahead and be lazy – completely guilt-free!

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