Nagpur’s Famous Dolly Chaiwala Had No Idea Who Bill Gates Was When He Served Him Tea

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently visited India and out of the many people he met with, Nagpur’s Dolly Chaiwala was one of them! Dolly, who has a massive following on social media and is famous not just for his chai but also for his extravagant chai-making techniques, has now become even more of a sensation after Bill Gates shared a video of him on his Instagram account.

However, Dolly Chaiwala had no idea who he was serving tea to when he met Bill Gates. He thought that he was just a foreigner who needed to be served tea. And so he did. He put his regular chai-making tricks to play and made a cup of tea for him and the two didn’t speak at all, besides exchanging just a few words. It was later that Dolly realised whom he had served his tea.

Image source: Bill Gates on Instagram

“I was not aware at all who he was. I thought that he was a guy from a foreign country and so I should serve him tea. The next day when I came back to Nagpur, I realised who he was. We did not speak at all, he was standing just beside me and I was busy with my work,” he said in an interview.

It is after this incident that Dolly feels that he has truly achieved something magnificent in life. His next mission is to serve tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Here’s a look at his interview:

However, many people found it really funny how Bill Gates knew about Dolly Chaiwala but Dolly had no idea who he was! Here’s how some people reacted to the video of his interview:

This goes on to show how powerful social media can be!

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