Pets Dog’s Emotional Send Off To Bride During Vidai Makes Everyone Teary Eyed

For every pet parent, their little munchkin is their jigar ka tukda, in some cases, they come before their human family. The thought of leaving them even for a couple of hours makes them anxious. And this unconditional love is also reciprocated to them by their pets.

The moment they sense that you’re about to leave, they will keep following you, and often become sad and anxious after your exist.

This dog also wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the bride during her vidai.

Hence, the dog blocked her way and requested her to not leave as the bride was about to leave her maternal home and move to her husband’s place.

In the video that’s making people emotional, a bride can be seen weeping as she meets her dog one last time before her vidai. But not just the bride, the white pomeranian doggo wasn’t ready to leave her. The dog stands on the bride’s leg with its front legs as if gesturing her to not go.

The dog keeps looking at the people surrounding them but never removes his paws from the bride. Take a look at this adorably emotional video:


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This clip moved everyone online. People were all hearts on the video:

Animals are the best creations of God. BRB, something fell into my eyes. ūüėĘ

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