Doctor Orders Healthy Snacks For Patient Who Was Unwell But Ends Up Delivering It To Herself

Sometimes, friends whom you’ve grown up with can stab you in the back and friends whom you’ve met on social media can stay for a lifetime. A guy named Aaraynsh also met a woman on Twitter who happens to be a doctor. After he got unwell, he consulted her after which she prescribed him medicines.

However, besides being a doctor, she is also his friend. So, to comfort him, she placed an order comprising some healthy snacks to be delivered to him. However, she forgot to change the address to which the order was supposed to get delivered.

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She ended up sending herself the care package. The delivery address was that of her own!

Aaraynsh took to Twitter to narrate the incident. Even though there was a hiccup, the doctor’s intentions were so pure!

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“So this girl from Twitter who is a doctor. I consulted her as I had been unwell. She prescribed me medicines & to surprise me she ordered some fruits & health products. However, she forgot to change the address & she had them all delivered to her own address and now she’s asking the delivery guy, ‘Why did you come here?’,” he wrote.

Have a look at his tweet here:

After reading about this incident, people online wished for a friend like her and showered a lot of love. Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

Where can I find a friend like this? 😛

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