Delhi Groom Was Down With Dengue Before The Wedding, The Couple Tied The Knot At The Hospital

27-year-old Avinash Kumar, a resident of East Delhi, was all set to get married on November 27. The guests were invited, the venue was booked and all arrangements were made. But just 4 days before the wedding, he fell seriously ill and suffered from high fever. It was found out that he was suffering from dengue.

According to News18, he was admitted to the hospital in the high-dependency unit as his platelet count had reduced to 10,000, way below the threshold of 20,000. Both families thought that they should postpone the wedding, but Avinash’s fever persisted. The bride, Anuradha and her family went to visit the groom in the hospital and it was then that an idea struck on their heads.

Both families realized that the couple could get married in a small ceremony inside the hospital on November 27. The hospital management accepted their request and instead of a grand wedding hall, Avinash and Anuradha got married inside the hospital in a minimalistic ceremony adhering to the hospital’s constraints.

Avinash wore a sherwani while Anuradha dressed up completely as a bride. In a video that was shared online by journalist Piyush Rai, the two were seen exchanging garlands quietly on the auspicious day. The room in which the small ceremony took place was also decorated by red balloons.

Have a look:

“Once Avinash is fine, we can have a reception party,” said Avinash’s father, Rajesh.

More than a grand celebration, it is the togetherness that counts! 🙂

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