Desi Twitter Is Convinced That Deepika Plays Shiva’s Mother ‘Amrita’ In ‘Brahmastra’

Ayan Mukerji is trying to create his own cinematic universe with ‘Brashmastra’ which he calls the ‘Astraverse’. The first part of the film was about Shiva which was Ranbir Kapoor’s character. The second part is supposed to be focused on a character called Dev, who is allegedly Shiva’s father in the story.

Earlier, looking at one particular snippet from the trailer of ‘Brahmastra’, several people online were convinced that it was Deepika Padukone.

However, some fans who have already watched the film are convinced that they spotted Deepika as ‘Amrita’ – Shiva’s mother.

This has given rise to many fan theories on social media, with some claiming that the second part of the film will star Deepika Padukone as Amrita and Ranveer Singh as Dev. But these are all speculations as nothing has been made certain by the makers of the film.

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Love the movie or hate it, but Brahmastra surely has tickled many brain cells!

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