Meet The Famous Dahi Bhalle Seller In Delhi Who Arrives At Work In A BMW & Sets Up Humble Shop

When we think about roadside food sellers, we don’t really imagine somebody walking out of a luxury car wearing a crisp shirt and trousers and setting up shop on the side of the road. But Nehru Place in Delhi is the spot where one such food seller sets up camp, who is popularly known as Crorepati Dahi Bhalle Wala.

Meet Mukesh Kumar Sharma aka Sharma Ji, who runs a humble roadside dahi bhalle shop in Nehru Place. However, his business is anything but “humble”. He has made an insane amount of money by selling a plate of dahi bhalle just for Rs 40.

Sharma Ji arrives in a BMW car and takes out the cans of whipped curd and a huge steel vessel filled with freshly made bhalle from inside the vehicle. He sets a table at the side of the road, places the steel vessel on top, adds a huge block of ice and pours the curd in it to make sure all the bhalles are soaked in it.

When customers begin to arrive, he prepares each plate with a lot of care. First, the bhalles are placed, followed by masalas, curd and other garnishes. The handmade spices are the secret to all the deliciousness that’s served on the plate.

According to a report by NDTV, Sharma Ji has been running this shop since 1989. He reveals that the entire taste of the dish lies in the spice, which he prepares by hand. Initially, each plate cost Rs 2 which now he sells for Rs 40.

Here’s a video capturing his daily activities:


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We hope his business grows even more!

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