“Cry Over Biryani, Not People,” Loving Dad Offers Daughter Badass Advice On Her 21st Birthday


Growing up, most of us are subjected to a LOT of advice, sometimes by the quintessential Pammi aunty to ‘eat less and walk more’ and other times by social media to keep our opinions to ourselves. Well, there’s no dearth of people giving muft ka gyan, but rarely do we meet anyone who talks about the real issues.

Well, this 21st-century dad’s two-cents to his daughter on her birthday is what we all need to hear time and again.

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Twitter user Rupashree recently shared a screengrab of her dad’s message that he had sent her on her 21st birthday, reported Times Now.

Through the heartfelt text, her dad advised her that she shouldn’t be crying over people who don’t deserve her. He went on to say that “crying over biryani is better than crying over people”. But being a typical Indian father, he also told her to change her diet and read Hanuman Chalisa for inner peace.

He concluded his wholesome WhatsApp message by saying that the next time anybody tries to harass her, she better break his bones and bring him to their hospital.

Read the entire message here:

People were head over heels in love with this dad and his thoughtful wishes.

Isn’t he the sweetest? What do you think of this daddy’s realistic and humorous advice for his pyari beti?

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