Bengaluru Couple Receives ₹70K Compensation From IndiGo Because Of Baggage Delay

Imagine this: you are on your way to a gorgeous destination for a holiday via flight. You have packed all your stylish outfits, basic amenities and important documents in your bag and checked it in. But when you land at your destination and go to pick up your luggage, you find that it’s missing!

This is exactly what happened to Bola Vedvyas Shenoy and his wife Surabhi Srinivas from Bengaluru who were on their way to Port Blair, the Andamans in late 2021. They booked an IndiGo flight and once they arrived at Port Blair, the airline failed to provide them with their luggage. It had the couple’s clothes, ferry tickets for their boat rides in Port Blair and medicines, reported Moneycontrol.

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They reached Port Blair on November 1 and IndiGo was able to give them their luggage on November 3, despite the airline promising to provide them with the luggage within 24 hours. 50% of their holiday was already done by then. In addition to that, the luggage arrived in a spoilt state.

They sent a legal notice to InterGlobe Aviation Limited, the operators of the flight, on November 18 and in 2022, they approached the local consumer dispute redressal commission and filed a complaint against IndiGo. They demanded compensation from the company for ruining their holiday.

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In September 2023, the court ordered IndiGo to pay the couple Rs 50,000 for “ruining” their luggage, Rs 10,000 for mental trauma and Rs 10,000 for court expenditure.

It’s impressive how the couple didn’t let the airline go for ruining their vacation!

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