Couple Realise That They Shared A Photo Together 11 Years Before They Actually Met

Who says that fate and destiny only exists on the silver screen? When you think of serendipity the first thing that comes to mind is a film script. But what if I told you that there are real life love stories too which make us believe in the power of the universe bringing two souls together.

Remember the time the man spotted himself in his fiancé’s childhood photograph? Yeah, turns out he had photo-bombed his lover’s picture on the beach ten years before they actually met. Well, this story is similar!

While flipping through some old photographs, recently hitched Chinese couple, Mr. Ye and Ms. Xue, realised something absolutely bizarre. Back in 2000, eleven years before they actually met, they shared their first photograph together.

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Yes. That’s right. The two actually shared a memory together, without even knowing it. Well, the Bolly buff in me just can’t stop squealing with joy because this sure does sound like the plot of a cute rom-com!

In a country with a population of more than a billion people, it is astonishing that fate got these two lovers together.

It was at Ms. Xue’s mother’s house where they stumbled across the long forgotten photo in which she was posing, and guess who was photobombing? Her future hubby and baby daddy!

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Think about this, it wasn’t that they bumped into each other in some small town but actually in the city of Qingdao, on the other of the country. What are the odds, ammirite?!

Talking about the miracle, Mr. Ye told the Chengdu Business Daily that he heard his wife saying that she had been to Qingdao. And he realised that he too had gone to the May Fourth Square. He said,

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“When I saw the photo, I was taken by surprise and I got goosebumps all over my body that was my pose for taking photos.”

It is shocking, right?!

He rummaged through his photographs and found his version of it. It was essentially the same photograph but from a different angle (and without his life-long future partner in it.)

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The universe works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it!?

Obviously after this revelation, Qingdao is a place that holds a special place in their heart. And Mr. Ye said that they will visit the place one again when their children grow up and will take a family photo on the same spot. This time knowingly, for sure!

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The couple’s friends are convinced that the photo is a sign that the two were destined to be together. The pair themselves are amazed at the power of fate and believe that the chance encounter was a miracle!

Okay, now I’m running to look through old photographs to find any photobombers. Definitely not going to let this chance of finding my soulmate slip so easily!