Man Spots Himself In Fiancé’s Childhood Pic. Turns Out, They 1st Saw Each Other 10 Years Ago!

Who says fate doesn’t play a part in love stories? And who says coincidences aren’t a thing? Sometimes, even real life can look like reel life. And when it does we hopeless romantics are completely floored.

This love story has us believing that destiny has a plan for everyone. The Bolly buff in us is jumping because their life sounds straight out of the big screen!

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And all the skeptics who say “that can never happen in real life” this romantic tale is here to shut you up!

This couple, Verona Koliqi and Mirand Buzaku got engaged after dating for a year. And then just to amuse her, Verona’s cousin shared a picture of their childhood which Verona showed to her husband.

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But the picture turned out to be the thread tying the two fated lovers!

Buzaku took a closer look at the picture but instead of noticing his fiance he took a closer look at the background. According to Yahoo News, he thought it was him but they looked at each other and said,

“No way, that can’t be true.”

She said yes!💍

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When the couple asked their families it was indeed true that both the lovebirds were on the same beach as children. And they had crossed each other’s paths many times but hadn’t said a word to each other.

Verona Koliqi shared the picture on Instagram and it was an instant hit.

Netizens gushed over the picture and the love story and we are with them TBH! They even tagged The Ellen Show so that the couple could get featured on the popular talk show.

1. Some even shared their own stories!

2. Yeah, absolute goals!

3. Fate exists!

I’m running and checking any photobombers in my childhood pictures, who knows he may be my future knight in shining armor. KayThanksBye!