Mumbai Constable Suspended For Polygamy After He Marries Seven Women

Citizens in our country mostly rely on the police for law enforcement and expect them to follow the law diligently as well. So you can imagine the rude shock everyone got when one such policeman’s actions broke the law of the country and proceeded to commit polygamy.

Constable Suryakant Kadam of Manpada police station was recently suspended from his job for marrying seven women over three decades. The matter came to light after his second wife, Prachita filed a complaint against him in the same police station.

According to the police, Kadam met his second wife during an investigation of a break-in. His marriage with his first wife had already ended by then. However, a year after the couple got married in December 1992, his wife learnt of his third marriage to another woman.

Senior Thane police officials said that Kadam had married seven women over the course of about 25 years. Most of the women he married were from places he was posted at, namely Kalyan, Ambernath and Dombivali.

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Prachita, who decided to file a complaint in 2016, has been supported by four of his other wives. Talking to Mumbai Mirror, she revealed that she decided to act after learning of his seventh marriage. She said,

“I have gone through a lot. I warned him several times but he never listened to me. He still comes to my house and assaults me, and has been especially angry over the last year because I complained to his superiors. I don’t want him to lose his job, but the way he is behaving with women, I thought enough is enough.”


Kadam reportedly married women who were either divorced or had estranged husbands. He has also bought property in the area for all his wives so that they are well looked after.  However, Kadam has denied all the allegations on him saying that people are spreading lies about him.

The police will soon be carrying out a detailed investigation on the matter as the initial complaint was substantiated with documents.

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