Quiz: If You Can Name These Comedy Movies Based On One Scene, Toh Comedy King Ho Tum!

While Bollywood’s action films and romantic dramas can be entertaining, the Hindi film industry has also dished out some hilarious comedy films. If you like to binge-watch this genre of movies then identify these movies that are a laugh-riot by looking at one scene! Get, set, go!

1. This film was earlier titled 'Hai Yeh Paisa'.

2. Remember Crime Master Gogo?

3. A comedy-horror film like none other.

4. You can’t forget this remake of a Hollywood movie starring Robin Williams.

5. Remember these dramebaaz?

6. The film is one of Fardeen Khan's biggest commercial hits.

7. This 2007 movie was a super hit.

8. Probably everyone’s favorite film series.

9. A blend of action and comedy.

10. Diljit and Akshay, what a combo!

Images source: YouTube

GIFs:1, 2, 3

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