Chennai Student Shares Disturbing Account Of Facing Sexual Assault By Uber Auto Driver

A student journalist from Chennai’s Asian College of Journalism took to Twitter to share an incident that would make any woman travelling via public transport uncomfortable.

The woman, Ishita Singh, alleged that her Uber autorickshaw driver sexually assaulted her by pressing her right breast when she was stepping out of the vehicle, reported NDTV.

The incident occurred on Sunday night when she was returning to a hotel in the city along with a friend.

Ishita immediately raised an alarm after the incident by screaming and also tried to stop the auto but the driver escaped. What happened next highlights the sheer apathy of some of our police officials.

When the police finally arrived after the two waited for 30 minutes, they claimed that the girls would have to wait till the next morning to file an FIR as there was no lady officer in the station. What should a woman do in case of a similar incident late into the night?

The girls were also not allowed to enter the police station to file an FIR, as women are not allowed inside the police station at night.

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So they had to file a complaint, not an FIR, outside the station on a sheet of paper.

The auto driver’s actions, if found guilty, are punishable offences under the Indian Penal Code. To think that the man believed that he could get away with such a disgusting act is nauseating.

Ishita’s tweets went viral as hundreds of people began sharing the Twitter thread and demanded action from Uber and the police. Certain political parties too made visits to the police station to ensure swift action

Finally, the autorickshaw driver was arrested and his vehicle was seized by the Tambaram City Police.

Even in today’s day, women cannot travel via public transport without fearing that they might be sexually assaulted or harassed. When will this stop?

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