Chennai Officially Replaces Delhi As The Most Polluted City In The World

With the sudden increase in air pollution levels, Chennai has beaten Delhi, which was once considered the most polluted city not only in India, but entire world. Here are few things you need to know about Chennai’s recent record.

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1. What was the state of pollution in Chennai before this?

Chennai was third on the list of India’s most polluted just a few months ago. Asia and world pollution rankings ranked it 37th in Asia and 182 in the world.


2. How bad is the current pollution level?

The suspended particulate matter is 45% above the permissible levels.

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3. What are the causes of this recent increase in pollution?

  • No rains: Lack of rains temporarily rinse the air clean of SPM.
  • Increase in number of cars: A daily increase of 700 cars to Chennai’s road has been reported. That has lead to rising Sulphur dioxide levels. The car-centric infrastructure including flyovers, signal-free roads, foot over bridges is converting zero emissions walk trips to long motorized trips.


4. Is there any hope for improvement?

Chennai metro is coming in 2 years which is expected to reduce the number of cars on road.

Let us hope that the city realizes what is happening and reacts soon so that more damage can be controlled.

Source: NDTV

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