CEO Treats Employees To An All-Expense Paid Trip To Disney World In Tokyo, Maroon 5 Concert

Many of us are over the moon when our boss compliments our work, sanctions our leaves on time and gives us a Diwali bonus. You see, we do not expect much from our bosses. But the CEO of Citadel LLC, an American multinational hedge fund and financial services company, deserves a ‘Boss of the Year’ trophy after what he did for his employees.

According to Moneycontrol, CEO Ken Griffin treated hundreds of employees and their families to an all-expense paid trip to Disney World in Tokyo, Japan.

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A total of 1,200 people, including 300 children, spent a long weekend in Tokyo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company. The CEO paid for travel, hotels, food, park tickets, entertainment and childcare. He also made sure that the employees did not have to wait in a long line at Disney World, so he bought express passes for everyone.

On top of that, he invited Maroon 5 and Calvin Harris to perform for them at an official anniversary celebration party!

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The employees came from different company branches including those in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Gurugram.

Everyone deserves a boss like Griffin!

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