Bride Threatens To Delete Facebook Friends If They Don’t Pay ₹1.5 Lakh Each For Her Wedding


In the course of our life, there is always one constant at every stage. From games to shenanigans in school to college to work. At each point, our conversations see an underlying trend. And once you’ve hit your twenties or mid-twenties, marriage becomes the topic of the hour. Every time a friend who hasn’t been in touch with you for ages reaches out of the blue, you can practically hear the wedding bells ringing instead of your ringtone.

And with time, you start to notice the different ways in which people approach this huge milestone in their life. For some, the day of the wedding is more or less a formality and they’re genuinely excited about spending the rest of their loves with their better halves.

Some others though, live up to the cliché ‘bridezilla’ stereotype in every way imaginable.

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Recently, Reddit dug up a Facebook post by one bride who could possibly compete for the position of Bridezilla of the year. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

So our dear bride in question started off her Facebook rant with the following disclaimer:

“At the risk of sounding entitled… i have to vent today.”

Ummm… okay, friends of the bride, brace yourselves for impact.

She then got into the subject matter of what was troubling her:

“When we invited our friends and family to our destination wedding in Thailand, only 9 people RSVPs. Out of 150!!!”

Woah! Come on, peeps. What sort of friends are you all? How rude?! – This was my initial reaction.

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Until… she dropped the next bit:

“Okay, I get it. Paying $3k (approx ₹2.17 lakh) to share my special day is too much for some of you, I’d pay for yours, but whatever.”

Say what?! Also, passive aggressive much, bridey?

But then, it gets better:

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How considerate of her na? She only wanted her friends to shell out ₹1.5 lakh each to make her wedding her success and they wouldn’t even do that! Tch tch tch…

Left with no choice, our bride decided to give her “inconsiderate” friends an ultimatum:

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This is it, people! It’s now or never. You better reform your ways or risk not being able to see your Facebook feeds be spammed with her OOTDs. EVER! Do you want that to happen to you? Do you?!

Bride supreme, by the way, wasn’t done with the rant. She had one more bone to pick with her so-called “friends”:

“and Don’t get me started on the registry… Only the cheap stuff is gone. i swear, i thought i had better friends.”

Her disclaimer is starting to make a whole lot of sense now, isn’t it? She managed to come across as entitled with flying colours! Wow.

She ended her rant by asking her friends and family to reconsider their approach to her wedding.

Reddit users had a field day responding to the “least entitled bride ever”:

I imagine that would look something like this:

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And some of them had the most relatable observations to her post:

This sounds like something I most definitely would do if I was one of her friends.

Meanwhile, the bride posted an update a while later:

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*Whispers: “Run David, run for your life!”

So, what do you think? Bridezilla Of The Year?

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