Bisexual People Reveal The Differences Between Dating Men & Women

All of us know that braving the world of dating and finding true love is no easy feat. The LGBTQIA+ community, in particular, often face unique challenges when navigating romantic relationships in today’s society. Among them are those who identify as bisexual, who are fairly comfortable having romantic relationships with people of either or both genders.

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A Redditor took to the platform to ask bisexual women whether there any meaningful differences in approaching romantic relationships depending upon the partner’s gender and sexual orientation.

Bisexual women, do you finder it harder to pick up men or women? Why? from AskWomen

Several bisexual women opened up and gave their two cents on the issue.

1. When the difference between ‘being friendly’ and ‘flirting’ gets blurred more often.

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2. Not knowing many other queer women, or women not being open about it due to conservative societal expectations.

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3. Do you agree that it takes more effort to approach women than men?

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4. Many women don’t want to make other women uncomfortable, the way some men have made them feel in the past.

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What are your thoughts on this discussion? Tell us.

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