UNESCO Chairperson Says ‘Bengalis Trying To Speak Hindi Is An Insult’, Faces Massive Backlash

Microblogging site Twitter, like other social media platforms, has given people the opportunity to share their opinions on anything and everything. And people have been doing so even though there are great chances of being schooled, trolled, and slammed by others online or simply being flagged off by the application itself.

This time around, people online are irked by UNESCO chairperson on International Water Cooperation Ashok Swain’s tweet.

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Giving words to this thought, Swain who is a professor of peace and conflict research at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, wrote that when Bengalis try to speak Hindi, it is an ‘insult’.

We’re not sure how he came to this conclusion. But his thoughts are surely controversial and called for a debate. Hence, people (Bengalis and non-Bengalis) online came to the comments sections and claimed that his tweet is derogatory and wrong in multiple ways than one.

This is how they backed this notion.

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Earlier when Ajay Devgn got in soup after he tweeted that Hindi is our national language, Sonu Nigam gave his opinions on it and said that we already have a lot of problems in the country to deal with, so why do we need a new one?

And I think he’s right. The unnecessary imposition of a language ruins the beauty of the country that houses people who speak around 22 different languages. The fact that they try to learn other languages to communicate with their countrymen better is itself worth an appreciation. What do you think?

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