Bangalore Schoolgirls Engage In Massive Street Fight With Baseball Bat Allegedly Over A Boy

In an incident that was reported from Vittal Malya road, Bangalore, a bunch of schoolgirls wearing uniforms engaged in a massive street fight, videos of which have gone viral on social media. Going by the uniform, the girls belong to Bishop Cotton Girls’ School.

In the visuals, two groups of girls can be seen – one in uniform and the other in casual wear. There’s one girl hitting another with a baseball bat. There’s another pulling someone else by the hair. Then there’s another who pushes a few down the stairs. It’s a nightmare.

Now, there has been no official statement made by the Bangalore school or the accused schoolgirls in the case, reported TNIE. However, there are several screenshots and rumours going about on social media explaining the alleged cause behind the brawl. The fight allegedly took place between the two groups of girls over a boy, reported India Today. Apparently, there was some cheating and confrontation that took place that led to the unfortunate incident.

There were onlookers and other boys who tried to stop the fight but to no avail. Many were left injured after the incident. But people online had a lot to say:

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What are your views on this incident?

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