Indian Media Got Fooled By Parody Account’s Fake Tweet On Pak Cricketer Babar Azam ‘Sexting’

Mohammad Babar Azam is a Pakistani cricketer and the captain of the Pakistan national cricket team in all formats. And he has been trending across all social media platforms and grabbing headlines across leading news channels, but for all the wrong reasons. All because a parody Twitter account posted a made-up tweet just for fun. Here’s the tea.

There’s a Twitter account named Dr Nimo Yadav which has Nirav Modi’s picture set as the DP. Right in the bio for the account, it’s mentioned “parody account”. The person operating this account purchased a blue tick recently for $8.

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Now, this account keeps on posting random things for fun, like memes and satire.

A few days ago, they posted a tweet where they claimed that Babar Azam is ‘sexting’ with another Pakistani cricketer’s girlfriend and apparently has told her that if she stops ‘sexting’ with him, he’ll make sure her boyfriend is out of the team. This was a made-up tweet.

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His tweet went viral and then hell broke loose. Leading news channels like NDTV, Hindustan Times, News18, Aaj Tak and Fox News started publishing articles claiming that Babar Azam is manipulating a co-player’s girlfriend into ‘sexting’ with him.

Heated debates began to get broadcasted on television with serious headlines, all based on a fake tweet by a parody account.

The news channels didn’t even verify the news. In fact, the parody account was publicly claiming that the tweet is made up and not true and welcomed journalists to verify the news, but to no avail.

Mirror Now did a full-fledged show about Babar Azam.

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Since there were a lot of people slamming the Twitter account for spreading fake news, the user later tweeted that it’s not their fault that journalists picked up the story and didn’t even verify it. They use Twitter to have some fun and so they did. This is also a valid justification, IMO.

Several people online slammed Indian media for not doing basic research and verification before running such a serious story. Some also highlighted that not everything shown on mainstream news channels is true.

Such a sad state of affairs. *sigh*

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